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Psychotherapy in North London

We are psychotherapists working in North London, Roxy in Belsize Park and Clint in Palmers Green. We believe that pain and suffering in adult life often result from broken attachments earlier in life. The best way of overcoming such pain is through a healing relationship, which could be a personal one or one with a therapist.

Our approach to therapy is called attachment based psychoanalytic psychotherapy. We see psychotherapy as a cooperative venture between psychotherapist and client. By providing a secure and confidential setting, we endeavour to enable clients to share experiences and feelings that they may not have been able to talk about before.

The developing relationship with your psychotherapist gives you the opportunity to explore the impact of past and current relationships on your life.

Painting by Colin Poynter RA
Feel Good Friday Logo SmallAs part of the Samaritans "Feel Good Friday" event, Clint and Roxy will each be donating to the Samaritans on 1st February.

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