What is Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy?

Attachment Therapy focuses on the attachments people make in early life, and how these experiences are taken in and influence the kinds of relationships people form as they mature and develop. If relationships have not been favourable in infancy or childhood, in particular if a child's developing attachment to its main carers is broken or unsatisfactory, it can often be difficult to feel emotially secure. As a result, ways are found of surviving in a world that is experienced as unsafe, unstable, insecure and frightening. These earlier ways of relating are then experianced in the present, affecting our relationships and the world around us, leading to feelings of unhappiness, painful and unsafe experiences, and relationships.

Attachment-based therapy offers people the opportunity to experience, which might be for the first time in their lives, a relationship where it feels safe enough to explore their fears and mourn past losses.

A psychoanalytic approach is a way of communicating which helps to make people more consciously aware of why they feel a certain way and how, in the past and present, important persons and situations in their lives have affected them and may still be having a influence.

As the therapeutic relationship develops, people often feel safer to explore their difficulties and find ways of understanding them. This understanding, in turn, can make it easier to have a more secure, fulfilling and creative life.

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